Fishing Equipment

Having the right equipment is essential to a successful day's fishing. We can source and ship all the gear you need to keep bringing home a good catch.

Special fishing equipment deals

We work with Action Outdoors to source quality fishing equipment at great prices, then ship them anywhere in the Pacific. Below are some of the deals we can assist with. If there is an item you need get in touch and we can source it on your behalf.

50m Reef Net

50m Strong Reef Nets
2" mesh

NZD $530.00

50m Reef Net

60m Strong Reef Nets
2" mesh

NZD $630.00

40m Mullet Fishing Net

40m NZ Mullet Fishing Net Mono 90mm 30MD

NZD $280.00

100m PI Mullet net

100m PI Mullet Net 3.0" mesh 0.50mm 36md

NZD $710.00

200M Pacific Island mesh

0.60mm X 2 1/2" Pacific Island Mesh X 200M

NZD $220.00

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